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Rohini Deshpande

Lives & works in San Jose, CA

I was born and spent my formative years in India, a country rich in tradition and culture. As with any society, some of those traditions stay and some fade away. In my work I strive to keep the vibrant memories of some of those fading traditions alive. I believe they are an important part of history and need preservation. I want to work toward keeping those lost traditions alive through my art. I studied and got a doctorate degree in horticulture at colleges in Pune, India and Lincoln, Nebraska. Horticulture is a study of fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants. I like to incorporate my love of plants in my artwork, so most of my artwork has some depiction of plants either real or abstract.


I like to experiment with different types of mediums. I am drawn towards creating texture in my artwork. I use different mediums like watercolor, acrylicphotography, concrete, encaustic(wax), wood burning, alcohol ink as well as oil to convey my ideas. My daily walks with my dog provide me material for much of my artwork. A fallen leaf, a piece of broken glass, a stick, or a dried flower can all become part of my mixed media, concrete and jewelry art. 


I work out of my own studio at home: Dibu Art Studio. I enjoyed the process of building the studio with my family's help. 

IMG_5742 (2).JPG


I accept commissions for portraits, landscape, abstract, and jewelry. I have a variety of artwork from which you can choose to commission.

Art for Sale

Some original artwork is available and most are available as prints. You can contact me by email or through the contact form


2017 - Spaces

2017 - OmRun Event

2016 - Spaces

2016 - Spangenberg Gallery

2016 - Open Studios

2015 - Open Studios

Etsy Shop for Jewelry

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